Welcome to The Flowing Motion

Tai Chi for Balance and Qigong for Health

Both Qigong and Tai Chi classes last 50 minutes. Wear comfortable clothes and support an open mind! It is not necessary to stand for the entire session. Everything can be done seated or even lying down.

  • What is Qigong?

    Qi means "life energy". Qigong means "energy work or cultivation" that results in regulating the flow of Qi in one's body. It is the ancient Chinese art and science of using breath, posture, movement and meditation to cleanse, gather and circulate healing energy.

  • What is Tai Chi?

  • Tai Chi combines a wide variety of movements that are the key components of self-care in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It consists of :

    1. Postural alignment and gentle movement
    2. Breath practice
    3. Self-applied massage
    4. Relaxation and meditation practices